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Raising a girl is scary!  Although I could do without the comments of onlookers, it isn’t uncommon for someone to stop me when I am out with all three girls to tell me about their own horror stories of raising daughters.  The best was from a tired looking young grandmother in Publix who said, “You don’t let em’ do anything and they end up pregnant, but you let em’ do whatever they want and they still end up pregnant!”  What the hell?  I smiled politely as I slowly walked away from that conversation.  Please people, just let me enjoy my girls while they are little.  Our biggest problem right now is whether or not someone got more chocolate chips in their cookie than they did and I would like to stay here for as L-O-N-G as I can.

Despite being forced into the private lives of complete strangers, I have a good feeling that my girls will be alright and not because I was too involved, or not involved enough, but because I love them unconditionally.  With that in mind, even if the unthinkable does happen, I’ll still be there with open arms to help them through it.  However, there is one situation that I fear greatly:

They are EVERYWHERE!  In the grocery store, at Wal-Mart or Barnes and Noble, and hanging out in front of the movie theatre.  They all have the same look on their face – mouth hanging open, vacant eyes, too much make-up, and their finger twisting around a flat-ironed highlight.  When they speak it is worse.  “Oh my GOW-ED!  I was like NO… WAY!  Then he was like NO… WAY!  It was like CRAY-ZAY!”  I have to admit that this is one reason I love the popularity of texting amongst teenage girls.  I look around for their mothers.  Where are they!  Aren’t they witness to their daughters destruction?  Not to say that these teenagers are bad, or stupid, but they are giving into a peer pressure to be perceived as stupid.  They are mimicking the ridiculous MTV reality shows they obviously could do without.  Let it be known to the world:  I DESPISE THE HILLS!  “Like oh my GOW-ED, Heidi!  Are you serious?  Your husband DOES NOT want to have your bay-bay!  That is SO wrong!”  The last thing I need is to see that girl try to change a stinky diaper.  No, Heidi, they do not provide a plastic surgery procedure to prevent a baby from pooping!

My only dream for my girls encompasses many good things:  I want them to respect themselves.  Therefore, I want them to speak politely and intelligently.  I want them to dress appropriately.  I want them to stand up for themselves.  I want them to tell boys NO.  I want them to realize that giving their sexuality away takes away the essence of being a girl.  Instead, their sexuality is a sacred gift that is to be given to someone who is deserving and appreciative.  I also want them to realize that the moment they sit on a bench at Wal-Mart wearing revealing clothing, too much make-up, or GOD FORBID those pants with words written across the butt, all of the above goes out the door.

Oh, well, lets face it.  More than likely my own girls will go through those stages, especially as friends start to become cooler and more persuasive than I am.  One thing is for certain, I will still be there to talk them through things and will still be there with open arms the day they finally come to their senses.  And if the unthinkable does happen, I will certainly not bash them in front of an unsuspecting young mother as she shops at Publix with her three adorable, innocent, and tiny little daughters.


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Another Wednesday

I keep visiting this page, even opening up a new post here and there to force a new entry.  With the encouragement of a great friend, I have been inspired to revamp this blog.  True be told, I have no idea how to care for a blog.  From other blogs I have read, it seems to be something that needs nurturing and tending to on a daily basis.  There are blogs out there that have gained so much popularity that the bloggers generate decent paychecks from them.  Then there are others that sit, lonely, unvisited, and screaming for attention.  I’m not sure where I fit in, but I guess I’ll never find out if I don’t start somewhere.

And so it begins…

It’s a quarter till nine.  Jackson and Jane are off to work and school which leaves Annie, Molly, and I at home.  There is not much in store today other than a Mom’s group meeting, hopefully a workout on the elliptical, and keeping the girls alive and well.  Day to day life can feel so boring and mundane.  What I find interesting is that when I look back over the years, the best memories I have are from the day to day experiences.  For a long time I have wondered if I could erase the boring feeling from days like this if I could only tap into the magic each day holds.   Obviously there is something wonderful happening there if they generate all of those happy memories.

I am positive that my biggest problem is that I focus to much on what used to be, what isn’t, and what could be instead of what is.  We used to live closer to family, my body isn’t in the best shape, or Jane could be in a better school.  However, what is?  It is Wednesday, it is ordinary, but that doesn’t have to be all there is.  Although it seems like another Wednesday to add to all of the other Wednesdays, it is a Wednesday that will never happen again.  I will seek to enjoy that part of today.

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